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Fake News, Fake Polls And The Fake Stock Market

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All inspired by The Bloater-in-Chief

There is remarkable evidence of white narcissism, so much so that I know it affects polling. The glaring benefit of the doubt followed by a racial sense of entitlement betrays a blind spot bias of epic and motivationally ignorant proportions. The 60% disapproval rating from Gallup polling seem too kind for me and ignores empirical and psychological evidence that make this conclusion not as inaccurate to me, but less cynical than other polling.

The roughly 40% seemingly have a far more developed sense of amoralism that is unwavering, even as their emotions and sensibilities are juxtaposing the roughly 60% who find the arbitrariness towards incompetence and indecorum a deceitful approach to American values and the American spirit.

By ignoring the weekly absurdities that come from this administration, mere actualities of unfitness seen and heard coming from President Trump is ingratiatingly distorted in an attempt to normalize Trumpism — which is simply an extension of white narcissism.

The extempore style of leadership and governance of this nation is emoted through a politically incorrect authoritarian approach to racial etiquette and racial hierarchy which is easily obfuscated by a sense of prosperity — low unemployment with stagnant wages, tax cuts with unaccounted for fiscal demands, and a rising stock market with lackluster productivity. Any notion that the consequentialism arising from these factors is predicated on politically corruptive greed is either dismissed or not even an afterthought is seen as blasphemy considering we knowingly have one of the most dishonest and most despicable narcissist presiding in the highest of office because of the not to be questioned religiosity of Trumpism.

A rising but roiling market that disturbs the fundamental base of economic value with a turbidly speculative worth on the validity of Trump policies on tariffs, antiglobalization, anti-immigration, and anti-global warming is outright complicity in the comprehensively fraudulent posturing of the American egalitarian, geopolitical and economic picture.

Is how economic prosperity achieved an important consideration to make? Or is it the fact that it is just simply achieved by any means necessary (winning as the president would say) more important as a defining characteristic of Americanism under this administration and administrations to come? If this is true then consequentialism, like the news Trump speaks of his fake too.

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